Protection Charm

by Skull Kid

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Our debut LP out now.

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released February 10, 2017

Record, mixed, and produced by Liz Klehm
Mixed and recorded by Dave Cerminara
Mastered by Garret Haines
all at Tree Lady Studios in Turtle Creek, Pa in the fall of 2014.

Chloe's lead guitars for every track except "Separate Beds" and "Doing Fine" were recorded by Matt Very at Very Tight Recordings.

Album art by Aeron Kalbaugh.

Vocals/Guitars by Scott Loeffert
Guitars by Chloe Hodgkins
Bass/Vocals by Isaiah Ross
Drums/Vocals by Dylan Chieffalo

Lyrics by Scott Loeffert & Dylan Chieffalo



all rights reserved


Skull Kid Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

To his family and friends, Cody Banks is a typical teen but he has a secret - he's actually part of a secret undercover teen CIA program and has 5 years of special training under his belt.

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Track Name: Intro
The first time
we touched
I wanted to die.
You can cry on your own
while I melt in your arms.
Track Name: All She Has
Trying hard to feel.
My fingers gotta steal.
And it’s bleeding
from my broken hand.
Full of love.
Full of life.
Full of everything that gets me right.
I am all she has,
and I will not ask why.
Lead me in.
Words in her head.
If you’re burning out
to feed yourself,
does it bring you hell
or fill your stomach?
Lies in the grave,
never says a thing.
Never had much
to wanna change.
I am all she has,
and I will not ask why.
Lead me in.
Words in her head.
Track Name: Doing Fine
What if I could see inside your mind?
Where would I be?
The boy you call
when no one else
is there to hear you pout?
All the places I’ve gone
and the people I’ve met
never comforts me
and I don’t know why.
It’s the side of me that died.
Are you got me,
watch me in my eyes.
Destroy it
so we can live better lives.
I’m doing fine.
Wasting my time.
Now that all our clouds are gone,
the sun is shining light
on you and everything you’ve done.
Well, now I’m you and you’re me.
Track Name: Protection Charm
I can’t believe you loved a lying, backstabbing-in-a-half, trader, faker, two-faced, tall drink of water. Well at least I’m not home on Saturday nights dove’n deep in the mirror with a thought on my mind. “I’m a little passive aggressive and I wanna seem nice, but really offensive like a coma”. Do you know where else we may hide our doubts? In a hole in the backyard, buried. Nothing hurts my stomach more than the lies I feed it before bed. She doesn’t need me and I feel the exact same way.

I wish you could read my mind all the time. And I can’t leave you out. I’ll feel bad.
Track Name: Flower Song
You’re a little souped-up beauty queen.
I’m a little get right feeling
and I’m frayed around the edge.
And I just will always be
everything you want
but not anything you need.
So just stay one more night with me.
I need to feel the warmth of your body
‘til the feeling finally hits me.
Then I am all I need.
I’ve been gone for so long,
and my heart’s been broken.
And I gave you the very last key.
You open me up,
and pour me out
and now I’m empty.
You’re starting to break.
You won’t ever stop groaning
‘til the feeling stops coming.
And it gets hard to take.
You’re dying inside,
trying hard to survive.
And you don’t know why
day after day you put up a fight
when you know deep inside
we all end up in the same place.
Just lye on the ground
and don’t make a sound
until you can’t see.
Track Name: Headless
Sometimes I look at her
and right into her eyes.
I notice the way she thinks about
dying with a smile.
Curved lips she just can’t disguise,
but she thinks that lying to herself
will make her life worth while.
Fall asleep in her bed.
Wake up the next day
buried in her head.
We start this process again
while her migraine consumes
what little life she has left to live.
I think it’s fine
but I think too much.
In your bed with you,
I just feel more alone.
I think I’m better off dead,
‘cause I don’t know where to go.
Young and in love
and everyone loves you.
If it’s all in my head
I think I’d rather be headless.
Track Name: Lonely Love
I saw you like roses in bloom.
The craving is not consume.
I wish you would see me too.
I’m not a rose like you.
But I’ve been waging wars inside my head.
This lonely life is shattering.
But I give up, and I give in.
This lonely life is shattering.
I’d never ask you for a thing.
Just show me up, its flattering.
And steal the life inside of me.
Yeah, lonely love, lonely love.
It’s hard to live. Its hard to breathe.
Track Name: Separate Beds
Saw you coming
so I closed my eyes.
Felt me up,
I left you there to die.
You died inside.
Its good 'cause
I still love you.
I saw you running
out of precious time.
Felt the light burn out
and fade inside.
You died inside.
Its good because
I still love you.
Never really know
when it starts killing me.
Take a gun and load it.
You lead me to believe
you were gonna use it.
You don't use anything.
Take apart the whole thing.
You start trembling.
Can you save me?
I'm so empty inside.
I do not know why.
I'm trying to find a way.
Track Name: For You (Don't Go)
Don’t go leaving me untied.
Believe me when I say
that everything’s alright.
And I don’t wanna be safe,
caught in a landslide.
It’s almost like my minds dead,
but my body’s alive.
And I don’t wanna be safe.
Cause you don’t wanna be safe.
So I let you go.
And you hold on.
You’re headstrong.
And I’m gone.
Oh no, no, no, no.
And then you knew
that I wasn’t for you.
And it hurts to hold on,
but it’s what you do
when you love somebody else.