Fuck, I Have No Idea: A Collection of B​-​sides or Something

by Skull Kid

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We no longer sell merch on our bandcamp. If you would like a physical copy of this release or a Shirt, or 7", visit skullkidpa.storeenvy.com

Since august 2013 and up until the release of our new Lp on 2/10/17, we had released 8 songs onto the internet: a four track Ep, one single off of our LP, a song for a 4 way split, and two b-sides from the LP. This release "Fuck, I Have No Idea" is aptly named because we knew we needed to put something else out since the Lp took forever to come out. This tape also opens with a new version of "I Still Don't Understand Why People Have To Die", aka the third track off of our first EP. When we tracked our LP in fall 2014, we wanted this new version on the record, but the record was too long with it. So, its the opening track to this collection, and we renamed it "People Die". This tape is everything on our bandcamp minus our first ep and new LP, and includes one new track of an old song we redid.

Physical copies of this tape will include a sixth bonus track of a song off of our LP. The closing track to be exact. Its not the actual recording from the LP, but a live session of it that we did in boston. It won't be released digitally, but you can go on youtube and search "skull kid waffle house sessions" to check it out.


released August 6, 2016

All songs written and performed by Skull Kid:
Scott Loeffert//Vocals and guitars
Dylan Chieffalo//vocals and drums
Isaiah Ross//bass and vocals
Craig Hodgkins//Guitars

Track one and five "People Die" & "Separate Beds (remastered)" was recorded in the fall of 2014 at Tree Lady studios by Dave Cerminara and Liz Klehm. Mixed by Dave Cerminara, mastered By Garrett Haines.

Tracks 2 through 4 "Cutting", "Smooth Embrace", & Avenger's Song" were recorded, mixed, and mastered at Very Tight Recordings by Matt Very in the fall of 2014.

The art of this tape was designed by Morgan McCoy, the jCard for the physical copies of this release were designed by Brady Lanzendorfer.



all rights reserved


Skull Kid Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

To his family and friends, Cody Banks is a typical teen but he has a secret - he's actually part of a secret undercover teen CIA program and has 5 years of special training under his belt.

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Track Name: People Die
I’m a waste of people’s time. I still don’t understand why people have to die. Why? When we first met, I thought a lot about how you’d treat me if I left. But I didn’t consider how you’d treat yourself. You’re too hard on yourself. And I can’t say. And I can’t stay.
Track Name: Cutting
As if you were looking into me you weren't struggling with thinking like I am with breathing and living here, dirty as hell and not enough smoke. I want you close. Beat up again. Am I looking for a medal or a heart depended on it rained, through a fit, my brain thinks of weird shit. You're not shy, so am I? I am cutting me off from cutting you off.
Track Name: Smooth Embrace
Walk into a room your mind exhales your eyes are loose. The clock is smiling back as time attacks. You’ve had enough of being up, til you sit back, unfold the last hours of the day thats past. You’re fading now. The dark is loud. It pulls you in and then you’re out. Sun won’t be shining in my face. I’m only half of a disgrace. Well lift up look down reach through the ground. When we all die will it be plain, or will it be a smooth embrace? Well lift up look down reach through the ground. Hold me down against the ground. I’ll bleed all of my memories out. Don’t mention it. Just step on them while I make it out to seem unknown. Admire all these trends when I’m sick and soaked and a lonely war. Can I plan to be dead, or is it something I should just ignore?
Track Name: Avenger's Song
I'm not ready for this yet
All this panic running circles in my head
It won't ever change and it won't go away until im dead

I don't know anymore, what I'm doing
Close the door, lock me up I'll try my best

I'm not ready for this yet
I'm way too young to be always thinking about death
But it's coming my way, one of these days
It's not okay
Hurry worry hurry me up
Figure this whole thing out
Watch me stumble to the ground
When the lines in my brain, start ticking away
Start ticking

I don't know anymore,
What I'm doing
Close the door lock me up
I'll try my best

I'll go let me go
Take me home
Take me out
Make me cry
Make me proud
Track Name: Separate Beds (Remastered)
Saw you coming so I closed my eyes. Felt me up, I left you there to die. You died inside. Its good 'cause I still love you. I saw you running out of precious time. Felt the light burn out and fade inside. You died inside. Its good because I still love you. Never really know when it starts killing me. Take a gun and load it. You lead me to believe you were gonna use it. You don't use anything. Take apart the whole thing. You start trembling. Can you save me? I'm so empty inside. I do not know why. I'm trying to find a way.